18 JUNE 2022

196 KM

Ambri – Malbun

7th Stage Ambri-Malbun

In character, stage 7 is similar to the previous day’s stage. An energy-sapping pass followed by a mountain finish. Only this time Tour de Suisse Challenge participants start in Ambri and set course towards the Lukmanier Pass to reach Malbun via the Surselva and Chur. Once in Liechtenstein, the toughest part of this year’s Tour de Suisse Challenge is accomplished.

Stage Highlights

Lukmanier Pass

The Lukmanier Pass was ridden twice during the last Tour de Suisse and is also part of this year’s Tour.


The capital of the Alps – Chur – is a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

St. Luzisteig

The tough climb over the St. Luzisteig will be well-known to avid cyclists.


The Malbun ski region in Liechtenstein is a paradise for families.