12 JUNE 2022

178 KM


1st Stage Küsnacht-Küsnacht

The Tour de Suisse 2022 will not start with a prologue as usual. The first stage, to be contested as a circuit, is a real challenge! The lap towards Greifensee, the Zurich Oberland and over the Pfannenstil back to Küsnacht ZH will be completed twice as part of the Tour de Suisse Challenge. Then it’s time to make way for the Pros. They will complete the same lap four times in the afternoon.

Stage Highlights


Greifensee is a very popular recreational area for families and road cyclists.


There is a breathtaking view of the Alps from the Pfannenstiel.

Lake Zurich

With a view of Lake Zurich, the route heads towards Küsnacht on the Seestrasse.


Küsnacht with its lake frontage is more than just a suburb of Zurich.