From injury to recipe for success









WINFORCE the sports nutrition boutique from Switzerland stands for uncompromising quality and idiosyncratic ideas. Created for real character heads, with their very own story.

Cruciate ligament rupture. Compulsory break. Dissatisfied with the existing range of sports nutrition products, competitive athlete and food engineer Remo Gugolz sets out to develop his own build-up and regeneration drinks in his garage. His developments quickly become an insider tip for top athletes. Remo founds WINFORCE.

Today, as in the past, WINFORCE stands for a company whose products set new standards through uncompromising quality demands, well-founded knowledge and unconventional ideas. All products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland and tested by top athletes. Only selected, natural raw materials are used wherever possible.

Not everyone needs to cycle across Switzerland in eight days to discover the benefits of WINFORCE products. Maximum energy, the best possible compatibility and a plus in recreation pay off even in small ways. The “fuel” is important. It should be energy-rich and compatible. But taste should not be neglected either. That’s why many riders, from amateur athletes to professional cyclists, ride with WINFORCE in their tanks. Carbo Basic Plus pulls them over the longest passes and most intense pavé sections. If the riders need even more fuel, they like to reach for Ultra Energy Complex. Both products together guarantee maximum energy with maximum tolerance – for maximum performance. After the workout is before the workout: after intense exertion, the Power Protein supports the riders’ regeneration.

WINFORCE makes no false promises: We know miracles are as few and far between in sport as easy victories. We are at your side. We support you with sports nutrition, but YOU ARE THE GOAL!

Thank you WINFORCE for your great support during the NEW Tour de Suisse Challenge 2021. The terrace was always open 😉

Official Trailer – Tour de Suisse Challenge 2022